Outdoor Boilers

Save Money

This is the obvious one. Heating with an outdoor wood boiler saves you money on your utility bills. With a HeatMaster outdoor furnace you can heat not only your home, you can heat your clothes drier, domestic hot water and a swimming pool or hot tub. An outdoor wood-fired boiler can be connected to almost any heating system so there's no cost for removing your old furnace, which you can keep as a backup heat source. HeatMaster wood boilers use high efficiency fan motors to keep the electrical draw to a minimum and with G-Series wood gasification boilers, your wood cutting is kept to a minimum because they essentially "burn the smoke" in a refractory chamber below the fire box.

Become Energy Independent

Since an outdoor wood boiler reduces or eliminates your reliance on propane and electric heating, you no longer have to depend on a co-op and unstable fuel costs to heat your home. Here in Wisconsin, wood is in abundant supply and there is always someone who wants a tree removed or a fence line cleaned up for fire wood. Outdoor wood furnaces are a great way to get off the grid and take your home heating needs into your own hands.

Keep The Fire Outside, Where It Belongs

If you've ever heated with an indoor wood stove, you already know this but carrying fire wood inside can cause a big mess. With an outdoor wood stove you can keep the mess outside while having the added safety benefits of keeping the fire outside and safely away from your home.

Lower Your Impact On The Environment

While traditional heating methods like propane and fuel oil use nonrenewable fossil fuels which emit toxic smoke into the air, burning wood in a high efficiency outdoor wood boiler has been proven to leave less of a carbon footprint than most heat sources. Modern wood furnaces create up to 95% less smoke than traditional open fire places.

Unlimited Heat

Because wood is much less expensive than other heat sources, outdoor boiler owners can turn up the thermostats in the winter and use all the hot water they want. The boiler will keep up. Filling the pool? No problem. Crack open the hot water tap and let the outdoor boiler do what it does best.