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Meet the Team

Working with Athru means getting to know the whole team.



Head of HR & Therapeutic Services

Freya is the longest-serving member of the Athru Communications team. Her skills include enthusiastic affection, stealthy creeping onto all video calls, invading personal space and sleeping. She’s never met anyone she didn’t think couldn't be her next best friend. Most of her communication is non-verbal but she makes excellent use of eye contact and pouting. Her previous experience includes several weeks as a full-time office dog at Ford Bend Women’s Center and serving as a community ambassador for Ford Bend Cares Doggone Run.

One of life’s great mysteries is how she ended up in a municipal shelter in Texas but we’re glad she found us.


Head of Drama and Office Security

Best described as a ‘diamond in the rough’ when she joined Athru, Ceili has made enormous progress to become a full-time member of the team. Once shy and reluctant to contribute, she’s now the team member most likely to interrupt a call with a loud insight. Her expertise includes alerting everyone on the call to passing traffic, seeing off potential threats of any kind and performing her extensive range of tricks. She makes excellent use of her paws to communicate but only to those who have passed her rigorous vetting process.

Ceili also found us at Sugar Land Animal Services - she is a huge fan of dog walking volunteers and shelter helpers!


If you would like to add talent like Freya and Ceili to your team, we’re happy to signpost you to rescues and shelters that might be able to help you. In the UK, we support The Dogs Trust. As well as their amazing work in rehoming dogs, they also offer unique services to support survivors of domestic violence by providing long term foster care for their pets and fund a range of international programs.

Photo Credit to: Luke & Cat Photography

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